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Prayer is an integral part of seeing the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) fulfilled Across the Street and Around the World. When we pray, we are believing God for the things he has promised. One of things God has promised is to build his church (Matt 16:18; Acts 1:8).


If you need someone to pray for you, click here to contact us. 

Pray Locally

Praise God for many opportunities to serve in our neighborhood. Pray about serving in these ways:

  1. Serve at the Community Christian Council this month.

  2. Prayerwalk through your neigborhood.

  3. Volunteer for a role in PBC's bus ministry.

Pray for opportunities to share with the +/- 22,000 people who do not attend church at all in our county. Praise God for the ability to share the Good News at work and play.

Pray about fostering a child or supporting a foster family. Pray for our county as a whole in this regard. Haralson County ranks near the very top in children taken out of their homes for parental abuse or neglect. Pray for our reponse as a church. 

Visit our LOCAL OUTREACH page for more!

Pray Globally

In December, you prayed for a neighborhood Christmas outreach event that was hosted by missionaries from the Gateway Mexico City Team in partnership with a local Baptist church. Praise the Lord that two people repented of their sins and gave their lives to Christ! Please lift up Maria* and Ernesto* as they begin their walk with him, and pray against the schemes of the evil one who will attack them for their new faith. Ask for God's help for the local church as they seek to disciple these young Christians. (*names changed).

The world is coming to our doorsteps! Click on our Ministering to Refugees page for more info.

Visit our GLOBAL OUTREACH page for more!

Pray for

North America

Josh Turansky is lead planter of Haven City Church in Baltimore, Md. Please pray for the families living in the projects surrounding their church. Many of these families have grown up in a church culture and believe that Christianity is the right religion, but they don't know Jesus personally.


Please pray that these individuals will be drawn toward God as we meet their physical needs with food and clothing.

Pray for Our Church

Praise God for calling and commanding each of us to join Him on His mission to make disciples of all nations. Ask the Holy Spirit to empower each of us with gifts to use to fulfill the mission. Pray our study of the Word and our Worship together will continually fuel our mission. Pray we will all strive to make disciples wherever we are. Pray for those we have sent out from among us to go and make disciples in other parts of the world. Ask God to set apart members of our church for specific roles in His mission around the world. Pray for how you might be more intentional in your support of others from PBC on mission through prayer and giving. 

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