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The unreached nations of the world are coming to us!


Many of the hard to access unreached people groups that would normally be nearly impossible to get to are coming to our back yard. We believe this is God moving in ways to bring many to Himself. 

Our vision is to serve the people who have emigrated to the United States as refugees from many nations. Refugees have come from persecution, famine and war torn areas. We are opening our arms to people of great need and helping them settle here in America.


Dates TBD

This trip is a 24hr mission trip experience that is a part of the PBC's effort to reach all nations. 

Our team will come alongside Reach the Nations Church in Stone Mountain, Georgia. Within four square miles of RTN Church there are at least 145 different countries represented. We will be exposed to many different nationalities, religious beliefs, and culturally diverse families. Our team will host a Rock the Block, visit a Mosque & Hindu Temple, eat ethnic food, and talk with people who have little to no knowledge of what it means to follow Christ.

The team will arrive on Friday night and will go to an apartment complex for Friday evening ministry.  The team will have a cookout and make contacts with residents.  Upon returning, teams will debrief.  On Saturday morning, breakfast will be provided and the teams will engage in prayer walking to the same apartment community and visiting families met the night before.  Lunch will be provided at noon.  After lunch teams will conduct a Backyard Bible Club in the apartment complex. 

Capacity: 12

Registration Deadline: TBD    

Estimated Cost:   $25



Clarkston, Georgia is the most ethnically diverse square mile in the United States. Children from Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar, Somalia, Sudan, Bosnia and many other countries are waiting for your help. If you would like more information about refugees and how to minister to them, please fill out the contact form below. 

Join for updates.


Refugee Resources

What You Should Know About the Syrian Refugee Controversy

By Joe Carter

"Because of wars, conflicts, and persecution, there are more people around the world than at any other time since records began that have been forced to flee their homes and seek refuge and safety elsewhere,reports the UN refugee agency. Currently, across the globe there about 19.5 million people are refugees, and about half are children."

How to Respond to the Refugee Crisis

By David Platt

"Much of our response to the refugee crisis seems to flow from a view of the world that is far more American than biblical, far more concerned with the preservation of our country than the accomplishment of the Great Commission."

Stop Pitting Security and Compassion Against Each Other in the Syrian Refugee Crisis

By Russell Moore

"It is completely right to ensure that the United States have a strong process to discern who are truly refugees and who are trying to take advantage of refugees...At the same time, evangelical Christians cannot be the people who turn our back on our mission field."

True Compassion Will Cost Us

By Marco Silva

"Like the list on a medicine label, compassion has side effects. Common side effects may include: discomfort, reduced time for recreation, increased exposure to awkward situations, feelings of helplessness, and any number of other inhibitors. Like the medicine behind the warning label, however, compassion is good for you."

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