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Let this be recorded for a generation to come, so that a people yet to be created may praise the Lord.
Psalm 102:18
September 14, 2016

"I thought surely being led to go on a short term mission trip was a mistake, because I never had a desire to travel outside the country to serve." This is how Name described being led to minister to the people of Nicaragua for a week in 2015. 

"I went because the Bible tells us to go to the ends of the earth and make disciples." Doubtful at first, Kevin had people to support him through it all.


"I was very fortunate to have an amazing wife and church family to encourage me after the Lord called on me." 


"One of the biggest points of reassurance for me was the thorough amount of training we had before the trip."

Arriving in Nicaragua, the team knew they weren't in Tallapoosa anymore. Nicaragua is the second poorest country in South America. Poverty, migration, human trafficking, and environmental damage have taken its toll on rural Nicaraguans.


"The biggest obstacle I faced while in Nicaragua had to be the culture shock. I was not prepared for a growing yet very undeveloped country compared to my everyday life."  


However, as the team settled in, things became more natural. "Having to use an interpreter took some getting use to. At times I caught myself trying to stay on topic but on the flip side, if I went blank, I had time to gather my thoughts."

"The mission trip changed me in so many ways but what stands out most to me were the people who seem to have nothing at first sight, but actually have more than I could ever imagine. I met the most loving, happiest, and receptive people in Nicaragua."

Nothing has been the same for Name or his family since that first trip. "By obeying God and answering the call to serve, my life has changed so much since the mission trip. Typically, I get nervous while teaching or telling stories, but the people in Nicaragua were so receptive and happy to hear stories from the Bible. It lead me to pursue a teaching role with
PBC KIDS on Wednesday night."


When Providence Baptist decided to go on another trip to Nicaragua in 2016, (this time much further into the interior), Name couldn't pass up a chance to go. His wife Name, who had been on several trips before, came along as well. 

Some 55% of women in rural regions in Nicaragua give birth at home, without medical assistance. Lindsey, along with another nurse from PBC, conducted several medical clinics for women, children, and local health providers. 

Name said, "I notice more opportunities to share the Gospel in my daily routine now than prior to my mission trip. This trip gave me boldness and the ability to be grateful for what the Lord has blessed me with."


"I want to honor and glorify Him every way possible."

We tell stories to speak the truth about the way things are and proclaim the gospel. God is reconciling all things back to Himself, and stories help tell this greater story. They testify to who God is and what He has done and is doing in Christ, reaching past mere intellect to stir and shape our affections.


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