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Need to Know?
Many people have questions when they first visit a church. We want you to know this is not anything you need to worry about. We are a simple, relational church. People often remark how friendly Providence Baptist is. Listed below you will find some of the basic information you will want to know before arriving.
Getting to the Church
Providence Baptist is located at 1519 Providence Church Road in Tallapoosa. From Highway 78 going 
towards Alabama, take a left just out of town on Providence Church Road. The church is 3 miles on the left.

Where Do I Park?
We have marked reserved parking for new guests just as you enter the parking lot in front of the main church building.

How Do I Dress?
Dress comfortably. While some attendees do wear their “Sunday best,” most folks wear casual and comfortable clothes on Sunday morning. Don’t worry about what you wear--just come prepared to have a wonderful time of worship and fellowship!
If I visit will I be put on the spot or called out?
No. We do try to be friendly and warm and chances are someone will say hello to you if they do not know you, but it is never our objective to embarrass you or call attention to you. We will ask that you fill out a small card that will allow us to get more information to you. If you don’t want to, that’s cool, we still appreciate you checking us out.

What Do I Bring?
A Bible will help you to follow along in worship and in Bible Study. If you have a Bible, bring it with you to church. Our Pastor, Curtis Pixler, refers to the Bible often during his messages. If you don’t have a Bible, or forgot to bring your Bible, Bibles are available in the lobby for free.

Where Do My Children Go?
For the month of June 2020, we will not offer our PBC Kids or nursery ministries. PBC has excellent preschool and children’s ministries. Greeters are just inside our entrances fifteen minutes before every service and our Guest Service volunteers will assist you in getting your children to their class or department. We offer nursery childcare from bed babies through 2 years. Your children (3 years to 3rd grade) won’t want to miss PBC Kids, held simultaneously with our 11 a.m. service (dismissed from worship gathering just before the offering). Sunday School classes are offered for all ages.

What About Child Security?
We take security seriously at PBC. Each child entering the nursery must be checked in at the check
in station. The parent will be given a pager that corresponds to their child and must be presented at 
departure. Additional security measures and personnel are on campus to ensure the safety of every attendee. All of our nursery staff have undergone background checks. 
What is the Music Like?
In a world that has drawn a line between contemporary and traditional worship, we seem to walk the line. We still love the theological depth and poetic beauty contained in hymns, but also have a choir and contemporary band. 
Are you Affiliated with Any Denomination?
We are affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. This affiliation allows us to take part and support the largest missions organizations in the world as well as the second largest relief effort.