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SBC Annual Meeting 2018

Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting 2018, Dallas, Texas

Providence Baptist Church was well represented at this year's SBC Meeting with four messengers.  Dr. J.D. Greear was elected President and the Convention passed several resolutions. Read below some of the highlights of those who went. 

Dean Welch 

"If you'll look at the pictures below, you'll notice in one there are three colored poles; two blue and one green. The green one is being carried by a woman who will be leaving for the mission field in a few short weeks to deliver the message of the gospel to an unreached place. The blue ones are being carried by her parents and representatives of her sending church. Three people, one being sent and two sending; all anxious, raw, but ready. 


This is what every Bible believing church should be: an outpost that sends messengers to the uttermost parts of the world with a message of forgiveness and why I'm glad PBC is a part of the SBC."



Zach Welch 

"Barna Research says that 51% of churchgoers do not know the Great Commission. Additionally, 31% are unsure, or unable to recall what it even means. On Wednesday morning of the convention, we were able to hear from Robby Gallaty who chaired the discipleship task force.


He laid out some sobering statistics like the one mentioned above, but they had some recommendations as well: (1) Every Southern Baptist Church increase their efforts toward bible engagement; (2) Every Southern Baptist Church consider gauging the effectiveness of their disciplemaking efforts by examining the connection between decisions and group involvement; and (3) Every Southern Baptist Church consider gauging the effectiveness of their disciplemaking efforts by examining the number of groups that multiply on a consistent basis.

The number one factor in growth and maturity in a believer is one simple thing: do they read the Bible on a regular and consistent basis? Let's pray for +/-40,000 churches to care about making disciples who make disciples to the ends of the earth.  

I recommend going to this website to learn more about this report and how we can more effectively make disciples. 

Pastor Curtis Pixler

"I must confess that leading up to my call into ministry and time at Bible college, I did not really understand the importance and blessing of being a part of the SBC.  Many people who have been Southern Baptist know very little about what takes place within our convention of churches.  


Here are some facts:

-The SBC began in May of 1845.  
-We have around 47,000 SBC churches.
-We have around 4,500 IMB missionaries serving the nations.
-We have hundreds of church planters serving some of the most populated yet lost urban centers in North American through NAMB.
-Thousands of men and women are trained through our SBC seminaries.  Each of these seminaries teach the absolute authority and inerrancy of scripture.  

We have our problems but I am grateful to be a part of a convention of autonomous churches coming together for the sole purpose of evangelism and discipleship.  Much work remains to be done but we are better together.  


Next year the SBC Convention will be held in Birmingham, AL.  My hope is that some of our church body will attend next year's convention and see the work that God in doing in the SBC.  In the meantime, let's be thankful for a convention of churches taking the gospel to the nations."

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