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Prayer is not just one of many strategies for fulfilling the Great Commission. It is the strategy. And if prayer is the primary critical success factor for the advancement of God’s kingdom in this world, then everything we do is contingent upon having a powerful private and public prayer life. 

We exist to glorify God by exalting the savior, equipping believers, and engaging the world. 

Thank you for joining us in prayer for our church’s involvement in the Great Commission. Whether you are praying as a group, by yourself, or together as a family, we hope the following resource will guide and encourage you as you pray.

A Word on Fasting 

Fasting is the most feared and misunderstood of all the Spiritual Disciplines.  Christians in a gluttonous, denial-less, self-indulgent society may struggle to accept and begin the practice of fasting.  A biblical definition of fasting is a Christian’s voluntary abstinence from food for spiritual purposes.  

Jesus expected that His followers would fast.  “And when you fast…”(Matthew 6:16-17). When you fast you aren’t to look like you’re fasting.  The only Observer of your fast should be the Secret One.  God promises this about fasting, “And your Father, who sees what is done in secret, WILL REWARD YOU.”  

Fasting is to be done for a purpose.  Without a purpose, fasting can be a miserable, self-centered experience. We realize it would be totally unhealthy for some folks to complete a total fast from all food. However, as Donald Whitney says, “Our flesh wants to excuse all of us. We don’t enjoy hunger, so we say, well I can’t fast for this reason, or I can’t fast for that reason. We wouldn’t ask anyone to fast in such a way that would cause them any physical harm whatsoever.


However, where there’s a will, there’s a way. One may choose to have a balanced meal, but much smaller portions. Or maybe they just have one simple food, like just rice, just bread. And the point is to get the minimal nutritional intake to keep them from having physical problems, but yet they still feel a lack of full satisfaction. They still feel a little hungry, or they have something that prompts them physically still to pray.”

As you fast, pray with us: 

“Lord, I want your presence and power in my life—in my family, in our church, in our community—more than I want food. I’m not okay with the sin in my life. I’m not okay with my kids not knowing Jesus. I’m not okay with the number of people in Tallapoosa who don’t know you. I’m not okay with the injustice that still affects so many in our community. I’m not okay with the millions around the world who still haven’t heard the name of Jesus. And I want your presence in this more than any other earthly good.” 

*Portions of this material have been taken from resources developed by The Summit Church and The Village Church. We are thankful for their ministry.

What Next?

Where is God calling you?

As you seek to go and do whatever God tells you to do, here are some ideas and resources for getting started. 

I need to know the Gospel!

Join a Group

Lead a Discipleship Group

Interested in Membership at PBC?

Foster or Adopt a Child

Go to West Africa

Volunteer at the Community Christian Council

Volunteer at the Pregnancy Resource Center

I want more prayer resources.

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