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New York City is home to many unreached people groups around the world, which makes it a strategic urban hub for sharing the gospel with the unreached. Volunteers will go to New York and be trained in meeting people on the street, sharing their testimony and the gospel with them, and being able to tell if the person is a person of peace. This is a very strategic role that you will play as we sift through many people in the city to find those the Holy Spirit is at work in. These ‘Sifting Weeks’ are very strategic as we seek to bring the gospel to people of all faiths in the city.

Capacity: 8

Registration Deadline:  May 1, 2017 

Estimated Cost: $800

Registration will take 20-30 minutes to complete. Be prepared to answer the following questions in paragraph form:


(1) What is the gospel? (2) What is your salvation story and when were you baptized? (3) How are you currently growing in your relationship with Christ? (4) What is your current ministry involvement? (5) How are you currently sharing your faith? What is a recent example of this?

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