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Hell is Real.

Time is Short.

The Time is Now.

Jesus Says, "Go."



Unreached People





Church Members




Unchurched in Haralson County

“Look among the nations, and see;

wonder and be amazed
For I am doing a work in your days

that you would not believe if told.

Habakkuk 1:5

All In Audio



Please complete the following two assignments as you prepare for Love Out Loud.

15-Second Testimony
Watch THIS VIDEO on how to develop your 15-second testimony.  Be prepared to share your 15-second testimony aloud during the training.
Luke 10 House of Peace
Watch THIS VIDEO and read Luke 10:1-9, noting what Jesus told his disciples to do and what he told them not to do when he sent them out to proclaim the Kingdom.

Tips for Going


When you knock on someone’s door, you are invading their free time and we must respect their privacy. If no one answers, do not look through a window or through an opening in the door. Ring the door bell first if there is one and I give them a few seconds to answer the door.  If no one answers, only then do I knock and then only twice.

After a few seconds, leave a Bible track that has the plan of salvation on it the materials given out the morning of March 24th. 

Never walk across anyone’s yard.

Never take risks like walking into a yard that has a dangerous looking dog in it or a “Beware of Dog“ sign on it. And do respect a “Keep Out” sign because they have every right to keep out whomever they want.​

If there are children present in the yard one might wave but never speak to them but go directly to the door. Do not ever engage children in conversations during visitations because if those are my children or grandchildren, I’m probably calling the police or coming out to meet them and ask them what they want.​

When someone answers the door, the first thing I do is to apologize for intruding. I say, “I’m sorry to trouble you”…or because I am invading their space and walking on their private property.  My first line is “I apologize for taking some of your time but I am (your first and last name) from Providence Baptist Church and we are out trying to find what we can do as a church to serve the community.” “Is there something that you feel that we as a church can do to help this town?”


If they give you an answer, write it down and say that we are trying to help the community as part of our church’s outreach. If they have a church home I say “That’s great!” “As long as you have a relationship with Jesus Christ and have a church home, that is the main thing. If they do not then of course hand them the materials given to you on March 24th. If they don’t have a church home and are willing to accept both a Bible track and the church’s card, then by all means give it to them.

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