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Ways to Join Us

While we can’t gather in person for Easter this year, we’re excited to worship together. Here’s how you can join us.


Join us for online any time after 7 a.m. on Easter Sunday on the following platforms.

Listen to a CD

For those who may not have access to the internet in their home, we have CDs available at the church office or it can be delivered to you by emailing your name and address at

Invite Your Friends

We would love for your friends and neighbors to join us, even as we gather in our individual homes. Here are two simple ways to invite your friends, family, or neighbors to worship with us.

Social Media

Social media is a great place to share about Easter services. Here are a couple graphics for you to use!

Easter 1.png
Easter 2.png

Send a Text

As we’re reaching out to others, a text is a simple way to share about what you’re doing for Easter. Send something like, “Hi! What are you doing for Easter? We’ll be watching our church’s service on YouTube and hosting a virtual lunch afterward. Would you like to join us? You can find all the service info at"



As we prepare for Easter weekend, would you join us in prayer for the following things?


Pray that:

The gospel would go forth in Tallapoosa and around the world this Easter.

Our Ones and other friends, family, and neighbors would join us and be changed by the gospel.

Those who are working this Easter would be strengthened and encouraged, especially in light of the coronavirus pandemic.


As we prepare for Easter weekend, use these resources to exalt the savior, equip believers, and engage the world. 

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