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Here are two ways to help your D-Group embrace accountability:

Group Covenant [sample covenant]

A covenant is a promise made in the presence of God that can only be kept by the power of God. When your D-Group agrees to do certain things together, you’re acknowledging your dependence upon Him and laying a foundation for accelerated spiritual growth.


Accountability Questions

While not necessarily needed for every D-Group meeting, these basic accountability questions are designed to provide a helpful starting point for your group. Feel free to adapt these over time in order to better serve the needs of your D-Group. 


As D-Groups expose themselves to the Scriptures, sin inevitably rises to the surface as members see the ways in which they aren’t like Christ. Together, Groups begin applying the truths of God’s Word to their lives, walking in submission to the Lord and each other.

For real intimacy to be built, accountability must be present. Accountability allows us to be answerable to one another. It is sharing, openly and honestly, our struggles and successes in an atmosphere of trust. Once we begin to identify and understand our battles, we can repent and find relief from fighting on our own. 

Mike Breen, talking about the necessity of accountability for change, wrote, “Jesus created a highly inviting but highly challenging culture for His disciples to function and grow within.” He continues, “Fundamentally, effective leadership is based upon an invitation to relationship and a challenge to change. A gifted disciple-maker is someone who invites people into a covenantal relationship with him or her, but challenges that person to live into his or her true identity in very direct yet graceful ways. Without both dynamics working together, you will not see people grow into the people God has created them to be.”

D-Groups offer members accountability by fostering intimacy and creating expectation. 

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