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Fall 2019

DATE: October

The workers on the ground are short-handed. People are eagerly waiting to hear and learn about God but no one is here to teach them. We are working together with our national partners to reach those who do not yet believe. The team will go to a village sharing stories with those open to listen and who are interested. You will accomplish this goal though using two story sets. Our goal is to spread the message and disciple new believers in this village and this area.

Capacity: 5

Registration Deadline: 

Estimated Cost:   $2,250

Registration will take 20-30 minutes to complete. Be prepared to answer the following questions in paragraph form:


(1) What is the gospel? (2) What is your salvation story and when were you baptized? (3) How are you currently growing in your relationship with Christ? (4) What is your current ministry involvement? (5) How are you currently sharing your faith? What is a recent example of this?

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